Not all shipments can be consolidated.

  1. Both the import and export counties must be the same.
  2. All of the qualifying criteria must be the same.
  3. The shipment must also be allowed to be consolidated by AES/ ACE standards.

Product Requirements 

In addition to the data supplied at the shipment record level, certain product level data can prevent you from including a shipment in a consolidation group.

Prohibited Product Licenses

The shipments you include in a consolidation group cannot contain products that require certain non-consolidateable licenses. 

Shipments with product that contain these licenses will not considered when forming consolidation groups.

  • C38 Restricted Technology/Software
  • S00 License Exemption Citat.
  • S05 DSP-5 Permanent Ex Unclassified
  • S61 DSP-61 Temp Im Unclassified
  • S73 DSP-73 Temp Ex Unclassified
  • S85 DSP-85 Temp/Perm Im/Ex Class
  • T10 OFAC Specific License
  • T11 OFAC Gen. Ex Lc CFR Citat 

NOTE: This list is subject to change as the government makes changes in its license exceptions.

For more information, check out the Trabex User Guide.

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