To submit an AES filing through Trabex Shipment Wizard, you need an exporter's account and be logged in with ACE before proceeding.

Before a user can submit to ACE, that user must be certified by the US government and provided a username and password. Visit this government website on how to create an account

As of February 20, 2022, you may be required to either merge or create a new account in the Modernized ACE portal.

Please visit this link for additional information.

ACE Portal Modernization FAQs -

The process to send data to AES starts with the user signing into the ACE portal with his or her authorized Exporter account.

Submit an AES Filing Through Trabex

  1. Have your ACE account created and logged in with ACE.
  2. Within Trabex, navigate to the shipment you want to file.  
  3. Visit View Documents in that shipment from the Documents menu, click the AESDirect/AES Webllink button to file.
  4. Trabex will validate the shipment.  
  5. If it’s ready to go, click the button Trabex presents to transmit the information over to AES within ACE.  
  6. In AES/ACE, you then submit the information transferred from Trabex.
  7. Confirm the shipment within ACE – it should appear after transmission.
  8. Submit the shipment to AES from within the ACE portal. The shipment isn’t truly filed until this is done without errors.
  9. Return control back to Shipment Wizard.

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