Screening will only tell a user that an identical or similar entity has been found on a Denied Persons list and a summary of why.

Companies may have special permits, licenses or exemptions that will allow them to export goods into a country that would override results found in the application.

Ultimately, it is up to the user to determine if they have the proper allowances to ship to an entity that may be found in the Denied Persons database and if they want to proceed with the shipment. We recommend that you log the resolution/decision on the screening for audit and workflow purposes in your program.

Trabex and Exits, Inc. are not responsible for shipments being sent to an entity found in the Denied Persons database.

Some of our customers have requested a configuration that does block the shipment based on restricted parties screening results, missing classifications, trade lanes, commodity volumes, etc. We have implemented several unique scenarios so far and have found them to be incredibly helpful for workflow standardization. If you would like to enhance your workflow to accommodate shipment blocking logic, please contact our support desk.

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