Trabex allows you to store your own custom client documents associated with individual entities. When you upload a client document at the entity level, these documents will be available for you to include with a document bundle when you create a shipment record that uses that entity.

The documents automatically display in all shipments that use this entity.

Trabex lets you upload the following types of documents:


  • .jpg (JPEG files)
  • .tif (Tagged Image Format)
  • .bmp (Bitmaps)
  • .gif (GIF files)


  • .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word documents)
  • .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets)
  • .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format)
  • .csv (Comma-separated value)
  • .txt (Text files)

To store a document with an entity record:

  1. Display the Client Data screen.
  2. Click the Entities link.
  3. The Shipping Entities screen displays. In the Entity Code or Entity Description edit box, type the name of the entity with which you want to store a client document.
  4. Click Search.
  5. A list of matching entities displays. Click the link of the entity record.
  6. Click the Document Storage link.
  7. The Client Document Storage screen displays: Click Browse.
  8. A file chooser window displays. Navigate to and select the file you want to associate with this entity.
  9. Click Upload File.

Trabex stores this custom file with the entity so that you can bundle it with the shipping documents you create when you create a shipment record that uses this entity.

Then, within the shipments that you need this document to be added, you will need to add this entity. 

For more information, check out the Trabex User Guide. 

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