Do you need shipment statuses beyond just open and closed?

We Have a Trabex feature update that could really improve the organization of your shipments. 

With a simple email request sent to, you can create a list of various shipment statuses that can be used to provide quick updates to shipments on the Shipments window.

Status Ideas

  1. Open/Closed (Already in the system)

  2. Filed AES

  3. Shipment Ready for Pickup

  4. Shipment at Dock/port

  5. Shipment Received at Customs

  6. Shipment Cleared Through Customs

  7. Shipment Delivered

  8. Shipment Invoiced

  9. Shipment Invoice Paid

  10. Shipment on Hold

  11. Shipment Returning to Facility

  12. Shipment Cancelled (not the same as canceling the shipment in Global Wizard)

  13. Shipment Waiting on Additional Information/Documentation

Along with the shipment status and attached timestamp, there is also a comment field that could be used for supplying additional information.

Contact our wonderful support team with your list of custom statuses that could be used on your shipments.

Once your request has been submitted, they will be ready for use within 24-48 hours.

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