USMCA is replacing NAFTA. This will take effect on July 1, 2020.

The government has not provided a standard form or template and will not require a specific, standardized document.

However, we understand that our customers need something in terms of proper documentation so we have created a USMCA form that will generate within Trabex.

Customers will need to provide the necessary data for the qualifying products in order to make full use of the form:

  1. Using the Customs screen, complete the Certifier Type (and, if applicable, the blanket date for USMCA)
  2. Using the Entities screen (Other Entities), complete the Producer and Importer.

  3. On the Product Master, the preference criterion is set on the Free Trade Screen.

This USMCA template is intelligent. It'll evaluate the Certifier Type and put that party's data in as the Certifier (duplicate it) as well as fill out the bottom of the document appropriately.

Creating a USMCA Blanket

The process to create a blanket does not change in regards to dates being entered on the Customs screen.

Signatures on the USMCA document.

The Signature clause in Trabex cannot be used on the USMCA template.

The certifier may not be the person filling out the other documents.

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