To submit an AES filing through Global Wizard, you need an exporter's account and be logged in with ACE before proceeding.

For a customer, before a user can submit to ACE, that user must be certified by the US government and provided a username and password.  

From there, the user must log in to the production URL given below and follow all of these steps in the screenshots.

Here’s the government’s official help:

People new to the process should follow the government’s “one pager”.

As of February 20, 2022, you may be required to either merge or create a new account in the Modernized ACE portal.

Please visit this link for additional information.

ACE Portal Modernization FAQs -

Production URL


Test URL

(Notice the cert – that’s the difference)


Trabex Processes

Review /include/data/AES.asp and /shipment/AESWebLinkForm.asp.  URLs are in displayForm function.


Users within ACE return control to the calling program (that’s us).  When we receive control back (their step 10), that’s when we log. You can follow this process from within the ASP code.


The submission form will look the same as it does now with those variables being submitted.

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