Trabex allows you to store your own custom client documents associated with individual entities. When you upload a client document at the entity level, these documents will be available for you to include with a document bundle when you create a shipment record that uses that entity.

The documents automatically display in all shipments that use this entity.

Trabex lets you upload the following types of documents:


  1. .jpg (JPEG files)
  2. .tif (Tagged Image Format)
  3. .bmp (Bitmaps)
  4. .gif (GIF files)


  • .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word documents)
  • .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets)
  • .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format)
  • .csv (Comma-separated value)
  • .txt (Text files)

For more information, check out the Trabex User Guide. 

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