Products are a required part of shipment documentation to identify the goods for export. 

When preparing a shipment, you will need to add at least one product to your shipment after you have completed the Shipments Details screen

  1. To start adding products, select Shipment Products from the menu on the left sidebar.

  2. For each product, you will be entering, complete the Shipment Products screen with as much information as necessary.

    NOTE: Fields with the AES icon are required for AES filing.

Adding Saved Products from the Product Master

You can also add saved products to a shipment by entering a few characters of the Product ID and selecting the "Search" button.

A new window will open where you can scroll through to select which product you'd like to add.
Selecting a saved product will auto-populate any stored data to avoid data duplication. Auto-populated information can be edited as necessary for the specific shipment that you are working with.

Be sure to click "Save."

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