NOTE: This article is for conducting a Denied Persons search within the Trabex  Application. If you are using the Denied Persons application located at, please see this solutions article.

There are two ways to conduct a Denied Persons search within Trabex .

  1. Within a Shipment
  2. Not within a Shipment or independent of a Shipment.

Conducting a Denied Persons Search within a Shipment

When you enter a shipment into Trabex, the system will automatically conduct a Denied Persons search when Entities are added. 

Once an Entity is saved, the search will start in the background, and this message will appear.

To view additional details of the Denied Persons Search, click "View All Denied Persons Searches."

This screen will appear for all Denied Parties searches conducted for the current shipment.

Conducting a Denied Persons Search not within a Shipment

Complete the following steps in Trabex to conduct a Denied Persons search.


  1. Once logged into Trabex, click on Denied Persons in the application menu.
  2. On the next screen, you must agree to the state terms to continue.
    NOTE: if you see the message "To perform Denied Parties screenings, please proceed to the new site at", your company has been fully migrated to the new Denied Persons application. You may need to contact support or your company admin to gain access.

  3. On the Search screen, provide the details for the search.
    1. Company Name
    2. Contact Name
    3. Address

  4. From the Country drop-down list, you can select a country to narrow your search by country.
  5. If Trabex finds any matches for your search criteria, it displays them in the Search Results screen
  6. Review the list to determine if a denied person matches the recipient of your shipment.
  7. If you find no denied person, you can click No Action Necessary to resolve this search.

By default, Trabex will search for similar names as well as exact matches on the names. You can remove the checkmark from the Include Is Similar To checkbox.

Trabex retains a list of searches you have conducted, as well as if you have resolved them. You can review these searches using the Search Report feature or the Event Control Log.

For more information regarding Denied Persons, please visit the Denied Persons solutions library.

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