When you have entered all of the information for a shipment record and have generated all the documents you need, you can mark the shipment record as closed. This means that you will not enter new information into the shipment record. You can still create documents from a closed shipment record.

You can, however, reopen a shipment record at a later time to modify the shipment record if you have appropriate privileges.

Closing a Single Shipment Record

  1. In the Shipment Wizard application, find the shipment record you want to close.
  2. From the Shipment submenu, select Close Shipment.
  3. Trabex closes this shipment record.

Closing Multiple Shipment Records

You can close a number of shipment records based on invoice date range or by creation date range on the Find Shipment screen. This allows you to perform rapid clean-up of your open shipment records.

  1. Click Shipments on the submenu to display the Find Shipment screen.
  2. The Find Shipment screen displays. Look for the Mass Close Shipment area:
  3. In the first edit box, type the first date of the range for which you want to close shipments.
  4. In the second edit box, type the last date of the range for which you want to close shipments.
  5. From the Type drop-down list, select whether you want to use the Creation Date or the Invoice Date on the shipments.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Trabex closes all shipments in the date range and displays the number of shipment records it closed on the Find Shipment screen.

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