Consolidations are groups of like shipments that can be documented together to save money. 

Trabex offers the Consolidation Module to allow users to group similar shipments that share common characteristics to more easily manage those shipment records and to create common documentation for the consolidated shipment records. This collection of shipment records is called a consolidation group.

The shipment records you want to include in the consolidation group must share these characteristics before you include them in the consolidation group:

  • Common Incoterm.
  • Common Incoterm destination (can be blank).
  • Common measurement type (imperial or metric).
  • Common shipment currency (ISO code).
  • Common freight charges (prepaid or collect).
  • Common import port (can be blank).
  • Common export port (can be blank).
  • Common import license (can be blank).
  • Common shipping parties (those records which are included and which are left out as well as matching).

A consolidation uses the concept of a primary shipment, a shipment record whose data in several fields Trabex shares and uses for the other shipment records within the consolidation.

Please note the following.

  1. Only users who have been given access to consolidations can use the Consolidation Module.
  2. Not all shipments can be consolidated even if they have the criteria listed above. Please read this help article for more information.

For more information, check out the Trabex User Guide.

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