There are two parts to adding a new user in Global Wizard.

1. Adding the new user to the user management database within the Restricted Parties application.
2. Setting the new user's permissions for access to Shipment Wizard.

To add a new user to Global Wizard you must first set the user up in the Trabex Restricted Party Screening application at:

Watch this video for how to create a new user.

1. Navigate to the icon with your initials on it on the top right corner of your screen.

2. Select “Account Settings” from the dropdown

3. Select the “Users” tab

4. Click the plus (+) sign on the far right bottom of the screen

5. Add the new user's first name, last name, and email

6. Select “Add User”

NOTE: The application will automatically assign a user “standard” group permission.  If you would like to this user to have admin permissions that will enable them to: run batch screening, download screening reports and add users, in the application use the drop-down to the right and also add “user:role:app::admin” 

Once the user has confirmed their account, you will need to set their permissions within the Shipment Wizard user interface by going to

Please visit this URL for the detailed instructions on how to set permissions for new users.

The user will then receive an email from with a temporary password that they must use within 10 days to confirm their account. Please let the new user know that they must use this temporary password to confirm their account within 10 days or the temporary password will expire. If a user's temporary password has expired, please email to request a reset.

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